Strata Laws: The changes you NEED to know

New strata laws came into effect for NSW in November 2016. Here are all the changes you need to know.


Rules and by-laws

Owners must review the current by-laws (rules) of their strata scheme by 30 November 2017. This could change the rules, such as if you can keep a pet and where you can smoke. If you don’t know the current rules, ask for a copy from your strata manager or the secretary of the owners corporation. Tenants can ask for a copy from their landlord or property manager.



The new laws bring with them a clearer approval process for renovations. Before you renovate, check what permission you need.


Strata committee

if most residents are renting, the tenants can elect a representative to the strata committee, which is responsible for day-to-day management of your strata scheme.


Collective sale

To sell an entire strata complex for redevelopment, this now must be approved by the owners of 75% of the units (certain conditions apply).



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